‘La Ruta’ se convierte en serie: el rodaje arrancará en enero

La Ruta comes back to life in fiction. Caballo Films, Rodrigo Sorogoyen’s production company, is preparing a series about the great Valencian cultural phenomenon. And the project, which was announced at the end of 2020, when the scripts were still being developed, is now ready to be shot. It will start at the end of January and will run until the end of May.


The series will be directed by Borja Soler (Valencian director, now nominated for his short film Mindanao at the Goya Awards) and produced by Eduardo Villanueva. The commission is part of the Atresplayer Premium platform’s own fiction strategy. “The story will have an important emotional force and will show the unique atmosphere of the Route that marked a generation of young Spaniards,” José Antonio Antón, director of Programming and Digital Business at Atresmedia Digital, told Variety a year ago.

If you are interested in the news you can read it in full here: https://valenciaplaza.com/comunidad-valenciana-y-cataluna-lanzan-el-canal-conjunto-de-contenidos-audiovisuales-bon-dia-tv