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Back lot

An area of 36,5 acres (14,8 hectares) with natural horizons for outdoor fi lming, complete with electricity, water, fi ber optic ring main and telecommunications.

The back lots is divided into two areas to enable simultaneous fi lming


  • Back Lot Tank situated on Back Lot 2 with natural horizon
  • Main tank: 328.08 ft x 262.47 ft with a depth of 3.94 ft
  • Inner tank: 98.43 ft x 98.43 ft x 13.12 ft deep.
  • Maximum depth 17.06 ft in the inner tank Equipped with wave generating machines,


Equipped with wave generating machines, water cannons and tip tanks Spillway on the entire south side and partially on the east side.

Green screen 39.37 ft high extendible up to 65.62 ft and 393.70 ft long The tank has ample space on either side to allow for set construction

Production Support Buildings

Dressing rooms, hair and make up, wardrobe, prop areas, art departments and offi ces with all the services for production management.

Projection and post-production room, capacity 35 people, fully equipped. Ethernet connection to stages.


Ciudad de la Luz Studios occupy an area of 740 acres (300 hectares), only 3 kms from the international Alicante-Elche airport and 180 kms from the Valencia airport and very accesible by car and train.